Yamaha Absolute Hybrid drumsets in colours Orange Sparkle, Surf Green and Polar White | Yamaha Absolute Maple Custom X Geert Kollau Jimmy LOVES Yamaha! A proud Yamaha endorser for over 15 years and counting!
Zildjian Cymbals Jimmy plays every Zildjian cymbal, from A to K and from S to Kerope and Avedis... Favourite crash? The Crash of Doom!
Remo Drumheads The best in the world without a doubt. Jimmy goes for the Vintage Emperor heads on the toms while keeping the good old Coated Ambassador on them snares and one Powerstroke 3 on the kick.
Agner Drumsticks Pure swiss qualitiy. You can find the JvdN signature stick in every Agner shop!
JK Drumsystems THE solution for every touring drummer... You don't know how much you need this until you use it. Fantastic gear from Joost Koopmans in The Netherlands.

Jimmy’s music


Vrienden Van Amstel Live

With over 100 "Vrienden Van Amstel" shows on his name, Jimmy surely is a regular guest at this stadium-event in Ahoy, Rotterdam. "The Jimmy's" are performing as the house band for this event since 2017 with Jimmy as musical director.


The Streamers 2023

3 times a sold out GelreDome show in 2024 shows "The Streamers" are hot and happening! Jimmy is drummer and musical director for this major event.


Zwarte Cross 2023

One of the highlights of our festival season: Rocking the mainstage at Zwarte Cross Festival 2023 with Snelle & De Lieve Jongens Band!

TV Show

The Passion

With 3.5 million viewers this surely is the biggest live music tv-show of the year. Jimmy plays this yearly production since 2016 with the Soundwise Band.


Thuis bij Snelle 2023

2023 marked the first year of "Thuis Bij Snelle" in Adelaarshorst stadium Deventer. A very special home-show for Snelle & De Lieve Jongens Band. Jimmy as drummer and musical director.

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